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Coming Events – Summer 2016




Nothing ventured, nothing gained. This is a maxim we often hear. It reminds us that our talents are God’s gifts to be used.  As Christians, Jesus asks us to venture, to take the risk of committing our talents and our life to him.  This is the only kind of life that makes sense – and brings joy.  Grace United Church is delighted to welcome eight new members into our midst this summer through Adult Baptism and Transfer of Membership.  These folks have started on an exciting new venture, bringing with them many gifts and talents, to share as members of the body of Christ through Grace United Church. We welcome them heartily, and know all of us will be blessed in our time together!


Summer Blessings,

Rev. Laura 





Saturday, September 3rd, 2016, the date of our annual fall fundraiser, The Festival Market and Garage Sale, seems a long time off. But it’s not. To make this event both a social and financial success, we need the assistance of all members of the congregation. There are so many ways to help; by donating items; your time during the event; helping set up and tear down.


Here’s who to contact to donate or to help:

         Granny’s Attic (Treasures) - Lenore Morrison (905-468-9378)

         Jewelry – (+ purses, hats & scarves) Barb MacGowan (905-468-0624)

         Clothing Boutique – Gail Martin (905-468-8563)

         Silent Auction – Gerry Shelly & Peggy Larder (905-468-1956)

         Bake Table – Barb North (905-468-2639)

         Jams, Jellies & Pickles – Mary Snider (905-468-7020)

         Sewing & Knitting - Jeanette Probst   (905-468-2689)

         Fruits, Veggies & Plants - Heinz Probst   (905-468-2689)

         Garage Sale/Second Hand – Claudia Gilchrist (905-468-2730)

         Book Sale – John & Judith Sayers (905-468-3014)

         Men’s’ Club Food Court – Frank Giesbrecht (905-934-0169)




Our Memorial Benches are now installed at the front of the church, flanking the entrance sidewalk. The design is consistent with the Town’s benches, and the components are chosen to require minimum maintenance in the future, so they will always look great!


        LOOKING AHEAD…Mark your calendars for:

󠄛 UCW Breakfast at Esther Giesbrecht’s (social – not a business meeting) – September 10th

󠄛UCW Meeting October 4th at Lenore Morrison’s

󠄛Chili Supper – November 4th

󠄛Candlelight Bazaar – November 19th




Just a reminder about a few ‘Summertime Facts’ at Grace United.


1.      We don’t close for the summer! Don’t forget to join us for Sunday morning services. We should also point out the Grace is Air Conditioned, so you’ll be comfortable on even the hottest and stickiest days.


2.      Our costs continue – they don’t go on a summer vacation. If you’re on PAR, there is no problem and your church continues to have its necessary income. If you’re not on PAR, please try to keep your envelopes up to date.


3.      Planning and scheduling is still taking place for events after our summertime – for events like the Chili Supper in the fall and – as mentioned separately – our annual Festival Market. There may be no formal Choir presence, but a number of our Choir members will be at every service.


4.      The streets are busier than usual and when attending Grace, you may occasionally find yourself ‘parkingly challenged’ so come as early as possible.