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222 Victoria Street, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

 After much filling out of forms, waiting for lists of available families, and the frustrations of not knowing when our family would actually arrive…….we were able to meet them in Toronto and bring them to their new home in St. Catharines on Feb 22, 2016.  What a relief for them to finally be safe and know they have someone looking out for them.  Sadly, they had to eave some of their family in Turkey as they were not approved for the same programme.  Perhaps some day we might be able to help them sponsor the rest of the family.

Muhammed Bulgur, Heysam Bulgur, Hale Senen and Fatin Bulgur in their apartment.

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Here it is mid-March and the Bulgurs have accomplished many firsts.  They have a bank account (first time ever), Muhammed is in school  (he hasn’t been schooled since an unsuccessful attempt in Grade 1) and enjoying the experience, they have been assessed for literacy levels and will be starting English classes any day now.  There is still a certain feeling of apprehension and a lot of angst about leaving family behind, but even with the language barrier, it’s easy to see how grateful they are that they are here and safe.  I walked through Freshco the other day with Hale and she was marvelling at the amount and variety of products available

We have been blessed by having many people come forward with donations as a result of publicity in our local papers.  It is really a community effort.